About us

Hi-5 House of Learning

Hi-5 television series has been educating children through since 1998 with our dynamic cast of five.

Children of all ages love learning with the Hi-5 cast through a series of fun and energetic music and movement activities, exploration of fun topics and expression through a vibrant mix of investigation and imagination. Having successfully educated children through fun and play, Hi-5 has reached over 10,000,000 children across Europe, North America, Asia and Latin America!  Now, Hi-5 has it’s very own Preschool.

The Hi-5 House of Learning curriculum draws on the strengths of the show and allow young children to learn through music and engaging activities, resulting in high academic outcomes. Our Hi-5 education facilitators have developed a curriculum for preschoolers using Movement, Music, Creativity and Thinking to educate young children.

Using the latest evidenced based research into neuroscience and children’s learning combined with specifically devised Hi-5 music and movement based activities, we have developed a program of learning in which your child will be enabled to excel academically while having a ton of fun along the way. Our first school in KL two years ago has been a huge success—hence our next move to Singapore!

Our Philosophy

Children learn best through active involvement in a wide variety of activities and experiences where they are given the opportunity to make meaning, develop understanding and explore possibilities leading to further learning.

Hi-5 is an exceptional Early Childhood Learning program. Using technology and lesson delivery methods innovatively, Hi-5 epitomises the learning and teaching principles and characteristics that underpin outstanding cognitive, social, physical and academic gains. It embeds the latest scientific knowledge of attributes children need to facilitate the development of higher-order thinking skills. The Hi 5 program is broad based and meets all the educational, social and creative needs of children in order to excel. These are developed through a sound curriculum, qualified teachers, ongoing teacher training, and high quality pedagogy. At the same time, children are engaged, happy and enthusiastic participants in their own learning.


• To provide a safe and enriched environment where children are valued and encouraged to learn and develop at their own pace;
• To encourage children to be curious and creative;
• To foster learning through music, movement, discovery and inquiry;
• To nurture and develop confident, thinking, knowledgeable and responsible children;
• To support and extend a child’s growth in all areas of development – cognitive, social, emotional, technological, creative and physical.