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Our Team – Hi-5 House of Learning Malaysia
Welcome to our Hi-5 House of Learning
Hi-5 House of Learning

Our Team

Our Team

Hi-5 House of Learning is driven by well-qualified and experienced early childhood educators with a genuine love for children. They are skilled to support and extend children’s learning through play in order to excel.

Heather Ellis

Miss Heather is focused on the Hi-5 House of Learning’s dream of providing fun, quality education for all children where everyone is encouraged and valued. With 20 years’ experience around the globe as a teacher and leader, both in prestigious international schools and public schools, she has an in-depth understanding of education.

Miss Heather holds an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Science with a Primary Teaching Qualification, having trained and qualified in the United Kingdom.

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Dalica Ann

Miss Dalica believes that children should always come to school with a big smile and welcomed with open arms. She has worked in the early childhood industry across Malaysia and Singapore for the past 10 years, a specialist especially to the younger age group.

She focuses in the development of children from as young as 6 months to 6 years old, and helps shaping their developmental milestones.

Miss Jeng Yee

Miss Jeng Yi has also been with the school since it opened and has taught across all the age groups. She has over 12 years’ experience including training and teaching abroad. She has a Diploma in Education from Canada and a degree in Early Childhood Education from The University of Queensland.

She is passionate about children’s voice and developing independence.

Miss Rainey

Miss Rainey believes children learn best when they are having fun. She likes to create entertaining, engaging and creative classrooms that promote learning. She enjoys that every day brings unexpected learning experiences. Miss Rainey has also been with the school since it opened and has returned after a year away. She has a Bachelor (Hons) In Early Years, Diploma in Early Childhood and PERMATA with 7 years experience.

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Miss Darsheetha

Miss Darshee has a Teaching diploma with 6 year’s experience including other international schools in Malaysia. She is passionate about learning through play and enjoys seeing the children progress.

Aunty Lynn

Aunty Lynn has been in the Hi-5 family for many years and takes great care of the children.

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